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JandereisisはM3 2015春に出展しました。

新作"Yummy Things Ep"をお手にとってくださった皆様に心より御礼申し上げます。

Burutti dropped a new shit for his M3 eve in Brazil.

Check also .

M3 2014 春、無事に終えることが出来ました。




We, Jandereisis released an EP, "DTR EP", featured some rave sounds (but almost Jungle) on bandcamp.  And a great track maker, Aki offerd a gabber for this EP. 

Fuckyeah, we love the Internet..

Jandereisis and some great producers released a new digital compilation album featuring "Sampling".

"Patch Werks" is  downloadable freely on bandcamp.


354(a.k.a.Burutti) &

Birdy Nam Namusan Released a new free EP

"Christmas no Uta EP" Dec. 20.2013


We are jandereisis, an imouto mafia.



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